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Jupiter Grades Information

Some teachers on our staff use JupiterGrades as an online grading system that can be viewed by parents and students on a 24/7 basis. This is a voluntary program and not all teachers choose to use it. If your child's teacher does, a login sheet was sent home a the beginning of the year. Please see your child's teacher if you need login instructions. 

Using JupiterGrades: 

Parents have a place to login that is different from the student login. We have given you a handout with your temporary password and directions on how to change it. Students also have their own login instructions and are encouraged to login daily.

We encourage students to check their own grade books at least once a week. This is a good idea for parents, too. In fact, you may request that a reminder email is sent to you weekly or every so often by going into the settings available when you login as a parent.

You go to the website of Jupiter Grades. You can find this by typing in the web address: https://jupitergrades.com/login/
or doing a Google search. It would be best to “bookmark it” or, some search engines call it a “favorite” instead of a “bookmark,” so “favorite it.”

Once on the Jupiter Grades, You can glance quickly to see overall grades and how many missing assignments your child has in
each class. Next, you can click on each class name and see the detailed grade book for that subject area, complete with any comments the teacher has written about your childʼs work. 

You will see points for each assignment and may also see percentages and letter grades for individual assignments. When a student has not handed in an assignment, a zero is given ...which really hurts an average! Seeing the impact of a zero is important because it makes students aware of the importance of doing their work on time. A zero can be avoided by handing the work in on time. (See your child's teacher for their late work policy.)


Here is where you will be able to choose to have an email sent to you periodically as a reminder to check your childʼs grades and become aware of missing work. We suggest that you request t
his for a weekday, not on Friday, so that if something is missing, the student can get the materials needed to do the work before the weekend or over the weekend, depending on the situation.

If you click on the box to have an email sent to you “if missing assignments,” you will know immediately, whenever a teacher enters a zero or a “missing” for an assignment. So, imagine that you will get an email every time your child has not handed in something that is due. Under settings, you are also able to enter email addresses and mobile phone contact information so that alerts can be sent to your mobile device; and this is where you can change your password, too.

Not all teachers on campus use this program.

Emailing is the best way to contact us with any questions. Our phones blink when a message is left on voicemail but it is hard to notice at times and we may not realize that you have called. Email is the best way to reach us so that we can give you the attention you deserve.

Please contact your child's teacher with any questions or concerns about your child or about how to use JupiterGrades.