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Gifted & Talented Education-GATE

Clegg's Mission for GATE Students

  • nurture potential of students
  • challenge those with advanced learning capabilities
  • differentiation for all students
  • address the needs of gifted learners across all curricular areas
  • to raise awareness that the utilization of differentiated instruction is a necessary tool in ensuring all student’s mastery of academic standards (effective teaching)

For students who are identified as GATE learners, the GATE program includes:

  • Students that show pre-requisites are tested in 2nd grade
  • A relationship between rigorous academics and enrichment
  • Technology rich instruction
  • Appropriate flexibility of time spans for learning
  • GATE certified teachers
  • Project Based Learning

How do we differentiate at Clegg?

The staff at Clegg believes each child is unique and deserving of a rich educational environment. We recognize that each student is a unique individual with different abilities, interests, and learning styles. We believe in a student-centered approach, which provides an atmosphere in which a child’s social, emotional, and intellectual needs are equally important. To meet the needs of gifted learners, Clegg teachers, provide a differentiated curriculum that will compact, enrich, and/or accelerate the regular curriculum.  Differentiated instruction is not a single strategy, but rather an approach to instruction that incorporates a variety of strategies. Differentiation is not just a “gifted” word.  Every child has the right to learn, and that rate of learning is not universal for all children.  However, all students need high expectations. Differentiation is providing and planning pathways according to the needs and readiness of your students.



  • Depth/complexity (and relevancy)
  • Alter the pace and style as necessary
  • Use high level questioning (think Bloom’s!)
  • Provide guidance to students’ curiosity
  • Allow students to choose content, allow group brainstorming
  • Allow students to show creativity and encourage perseverance
  • Encourage students to show what they have learned through products
  • Allow students to prepare and research alone or together